Wijn Ann De Kade


Located in an old shipping port facility in Rotterdam, Wijn Aan De Kade (Wine on the Quay [quay: a concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships.]) took a building originally erected in 1896 and turned it into a restaurant and wine shop.

The 200 square meter space consists of four different zones. The shopping at ground level is the first look into three different floors and features laser engraved wood panels that look like wine cases, and are laser engraved with famous wine houses from around the world. The mezzanine floor houses a kitchen alongside a bar at the far end of the space, while the above stairs lead to a designated wine tasting area On the lower level of the space, a dimly lit subterranean wine cellar stocks a range of exclusive wine collections.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. Strong branding elements executed in a simple fashion, such as the laser-engraved wooden paneling, make for a distinctive in-store experience that creates a memorable, differentiated space. 2. Spacial planning is a must for small spaces. In Wijn Ann De Kade's case, there are three clearly defined levels which all serve a core purpose. 3. Located in Kralingen, one of Rotterdam's most historic districts, Wijn Ann De Kade's has sustained many of the original aesthetics of building, and building its store name around the history of the buildings original use, attracting passerby's through intrigue of the space.

Location:  Admiraliteitskade 80, 3063 EG Rotterdam, Netherlands
Architect: Studio AAAN
Brand Website: Wijn Ann De Kade
Social Media:  Facebook

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