Dear Drew Popup


To celebrate the launch of her new apparel & accessories line with Amazon Fashion, Drew Barrymore has opened a temporary popup space in New York’s SOHO neighborhood. Around for the holiday season only, Drew Barrymore’s debut of her line is presented in a very personal manner, with much of the furniture and decor from her own house, including some of her favorite collectibles, like old post cards, which are mixed in with jewelry, and old typewriter quotes & letters which are displayed in the front window. The decisions she made were all very thought through, and the use of digital simply wasn't needed, Drew explained, “I really appreciate the modern world, but I’m definitely an old-fashioned girl.” 

What you should take away:

1. Drew Barrymore made a very strategic decision not to use digital in her store. The personal touches she’s incorporated add enough of brand personality, removing the need for Amy digital engagements.

2. The retail space of today is meant to be a true embodiment of a brand, transporting shoppers to an educational, inspirational space. Drew truly brought her vision to life in the space, with over half of the furnishings and decor in the store from her own house.

Website: Amazon Fashion
Location: SOHO, NY
Fashion Designer: Drew Barrymore