Gentle Monster Los Angeles


Korean Eyewear brand Gentle Monster has opened their 12th physical outpost in downtown Los Angeles. Building on their experiential physical footprint, Gentle Monster’s newest location boasts 4,800 square feet of museum-like showcases interwoven throughout the space.

Each Gentle Monster store displays rotating art displays which are intricately integrated with the retail space. The first Los Angeles store exhibit was inspired by traditional methods of harvesting, with natural, organic materials used to bring sculptural, hand-made elements to all varying parts of the store. Misu A Barbe and Jung Uk Yung are featured throughout the space as the artists who created the journey, from scarecrows at the front door through to unique rugs and sculptures tied in with spectacles, fixturing & displays.

What you should take away:
1. Gentle Monster takes an individual approach to the design of each store, showcasing different artists, and ultimately a different theatrical experience to shoppers in each store they visit.
2. The semi-permanent installations in its physical spaces allow Gentle Monster to create truly immersive experiences where customers can’t tell where the art installation ends and the product fixtures begin. Glasses are often incorporated into the installations themselves, adding to the immersive nature of each individual art installation.

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA