Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan


Starbucks has opened its first location in Italy, marking the start of a plan to open as many as 300 stores in the country. The pinnacle Starbucks Reserve Roastery store – which opened in Milan early September – serves a very picky crowd of Italian customers.

According to Designboom, “Starbucks goes for the cover-all-bases approach, so instead of trying to prove it can do coffee well, it tries to do coffee, pastries, ice cream and the classic italian aperitivo well too, all whilst cleverly tapping into the country’s love of design.”

As is with all the Reserve Roastery concepts (and this is Starbuck’s third iteration), the store follows the production of Starbucks coffee, taking the customer on an up and close journey through every step of the process – right in the store.

According to Designboom, this tactic works perfectly in the Italian market – “This insight into production could do well in winning the [Italian customer] over. Half the game in getting an italian on side is to certify a premium level of care and attention has been taken when it comes to the quality of a product, justifying Starbucks’ decision to offer something more than counter service.”

Starbucks also introduces it’s “Princi Bakery” concept, the chain’s new food offering, recently acquired from Italian businessman Rocco Princi.

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