Warby Parker Milwaukee


Warby Parker, the New York-based eyeglass company, will open it’s first Wisconsin brick & mortar location in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, taking the place of an existing Kit & Ace location.

As is with most of Warby Parker’s stores, the interior of the Milwaukee store features light oak shelving, brass detailing and an array of books. The differentiator of the space, however, lies behind a marble reference desk, via an original mural by artist Nate Harris, which the company said is a special-to-Milwaukee piece.

Dave Giboa, Warby Parker co-founder and co-chief executive, said in a statement "We looked all over Milwaukee for the perfect location, and we've found it in the Third Ward. We’re particularly excited about the incredible theaters and galleries that we’ll get to call neighbors there. We know we're in great company."

To celebrate the opening, Warby Parker said it will debut a pair of limited-edition, Third Ward-exclusive sunglasses: Baker style in striped sassafras with flash-mirrored Pacific blue lenses.

What You Should Take Away:
1. Warby Parker started as an online-only retailer. As their brand great, they realized the importance a physical space played in the buying process. Since being founded in 2010, Warby Parker now has almost 60 retail locations in the United States and Canada and more than 1,000 employees. 2. Warby Parker also localizes it's store presence. While the overall design aesthetic (brass fixtures, light woods, etc.) always remains the same from store to store, Warby Parker will always have a localized component to each of it's stores, specific to the neighborhood the store serves.

Location: Third Ward, Milwaukee
Retailer Website: warbyparker.com

Images via Warby Parker